La Aventura de Verano.

i spend an incredibly large amount of time driving between and across Alabama and Mississippi. If i did the math correctly, i’ve spent close to eighty-five hours of my life driving back and fourth since last May when i went to Lake Forest for staff training. Eighty-five hours is a long time to spend in a car, even if it’s stretched out over nine months. 

i’ve found that long car rides alone aren’t miserable if spent with The Father. Screaming worship music while traveling the forever long highway that separates one home from the other is quite fun. Having intimate prayer and real-talk with The Lord is my favorite way to spend the long hours. It’s wonderful, really. i’m thankful that i have the option to do so.

Anyway, one of my more recent Mississippi to Alabama drives was spent in prayer for the summer. My past two summers have been spent serving in the same place, but i knew that this year The Father had something different in store. i just didn’t know what. He did though.

Conveniently enough, as soon as i got home, He began to reveal His plan to me.

Through twitter of all things, i found the organization Adventures in Missions, “an interdenominational missions organization that focuses on discipleship. We emphasize prayer and relationships in our work amongst the poor.” Obviously, i was interested immediately. i found the trips for college aged kids. i was drawn (mainly by my love for the spanish language and coffee) to the Guatemala trip. i applied.

i waited. i interviewed. Being the kind of person i am, i was incredibly nervous about a phone interview. However, because we serve a faithful, detail oriented God, the interview could not have gone any better. i did a follow up interview (that i was incredibly unprepared for) and The Father was in it just as much as He was in the one i knew was coming. He is faithful.

Today, i received the call i’ve been waiting for.

Because i have a faithful, loving, and gracious Heavenly Father, i am spending my summer in Guatemala.

Our God is in the big details and the small ones. He is in the summer we have yet to see. He is my Father, who has given me a heart for missions, a love for coffee, and a desire to speak Spanish. And is now He is taking me to Guatemala, a place where the three will collide. i do not know exactly what the summer holds, but i do know that it will be good, because The Lord is good. i’m excited.

For more information on Adventures in Missions, visit their website.
If you have any questions about my trip, the application process, or are maybe possibly interested in helping me get there financially, please let me know.

Please be praying for me, my heart, my future teammates, and all who i will meet this summer, for God is about to do a might work.

in Him,

ps: La Aventura de Verano translates into “The Adventure of Summer”


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