Summer Adventure // Information & Prayer

Tomorrow, my summer adventure begins. If you’re reading this, than you’re on my email list or you’re visiting my blog, either way, it means that you’re keeping up with me this summer, so thank you. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for caring for and loving me enough that you desire to hear about what The Father is doing in and through me in Guatemala. It is incredibly encouraging to know that you care, to know that you’re praying for me and my team, praying for the Guatemalans we will meet, to know that i am supported by some of the most wonderful people on the planet. You’re rad. i’m thankful for you.

So, here i give you my itinerary, ministry information, prayer requests, and more!

To give you all an idea of when i will be doing what, my schedule for the summer will look something like this:

  • Sunday June 1st, yesterday i flew to Atlanta to stay with Rebekah Johnson (the #1 best friend and provider of all things ridiculous and wonderful) and her family.
  • Tuesday June 3rd, Passport Team Training Camp begins! Adventures in Missions is located in Gainesville, GA and we will be camping there for a few days to get trained before we fly out! This is where i will meet my team for the first time!
  • Saturday June 7th, we’re off to Guatemala! We are actually flying to Honduras and then crossing the border to Puerto Barrios, a town on the eastern coast of Guatemala- where we will stay for the duration of our trip!
  • Wednesday July 30th, fly out of Guatemala City, Guatemala and head back to The States! i will get home that night. 

In Guatemala, my team and i will be working with a missionary named Paul Tonetti and the name of the ministry is Shofar Ministries in the town Puerto Barrios. We are not going down with a set project or schedule of what we will be doing from day to day. While we are there, we have the blessing of being the hands and feet of Christ through Shofar Ministries, meeting needs and showing Christ’s love to the people of Puerto Barrios. The ministry we do will include street ministry, sports ministry, cleaning at a local school, working at an orphanage, visiting the dump, and church activities such as skits, worship, and sharing testimonies. Our days will be spent doing five to seven hours of ministry. i wish i had a website to give all of you but unfortunately the website has been “under construction” for months now. 

Prayer Requests:
Please be in prayer for me and my team members as we all travel to Gainesville, GA to begin training camp and as we meet for the first time. First impressions can sometimes be misleading and i am praying that The Spirit helps each and every one of us to see that. For training camp, we will be with seven other mission teams that are traveling through AIM around the world! Please be in prayer for them as well. My team is made up of about twenty five people and as you pray for me, please also be praying for them.

Some of them have shared prayer requests for our summer to give others an idea of how you can be praying for them. 

  • Jeffrey Enriquez-Hawkes– I’d like prayer for many things but i’ll keep it simple. First and foremost i would like to see all of us in fellowship as Christ has called us to be. Second, that there would be an increase of love, faith, wisdom, and discipline.
  • Marielle Moguel– I want the Lord to continue to show me what it is to only love from a place of overflow that comes from intimacy with Him.
  • Alexis Pope– I would like for The Lord to show me how to wholeheartedly trust him so that people see His glory in everything I do, while in Guatemala, and back home.
  • Ashlind Koskela– My prayer is for boldness to proclaim the gospel faithfully, and for the people we encounter to be open and receptive to Jesus!
  • Autumn Rose Evans– My prayer is for openness, a Christ like joy when spreading the message, and wisdom!
  • Mark Hannasch– Pray for opportunities, and wisdom in those opportunities as we share the Love of Christ! Also pray that we would be a team that would dedicate ourselves to serving each other and building each other up!
  • Kaitlyn Clements– Pray for peace/understanding over each of the team members throughout the struggles we may face. And to be bold and persevere through whatever comes our way!!
  • Valery Trabucco– My heart for these two months is that we would encounter Jesus in a deep way on this trip, meeting him in the people that we meet. And growing in our desire and knowledge to serve him with our entire lives and beings, that our only desires would be to see His Kingdom come. I am also praying that we would have God-given opportunities to set people free from spiritual oppression and that we would be given boldness and might with our words and our actions and in our authority in Christ.
  • Kayla Norwood– My prayer is that we are able to share the love, joy, and hope that comes from Jesus Christ to all we encounter, whether they are people in our ministry sites, people we simply pass on the streets, workers of Shofar Ministries, or our team members. I pray that as we are stretched and growing in our faith, it will be like we are looking in a mirror at the glory of The Lord, and are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory. {2 Corinthians 3:18}
    Personally, this summer I hope to be stretched outside of my comfort zone so that my obedience is more than simply saying “my trust is without borders.” I hope also to learn to listen to God more and to hear his guidance for every step that I take.
  • Kayleigh Danielle– My prayer is that we will learn to be still in His presence and be obedient to what He has planned!
  • Lastashia Ruth May– I would like prayer about our team and that we will work well together but also that God will continue to reveal Himself to me as my Provider and Sustainer.

As my other team members share prayer requests, i will get them to you as i can but for now i will just give you their names so that you know who you’re praying for when you pray for my team. Including those listed above we also have: Alyssa Miller, Emily Rangel, Sarah Spurger, Meg Nangle, Hannah Riggle, Aimee Hoffman, Savannah Parnell, Katherine Shaffer, Sarah Deloach, Zoe Sturges, and Karyn Potach on our team.

For me, please pray that i stay open to anything and everything The Father has for me this summer. i want to learn what it means to abide in Him actively, to listen to His Spirit in every step of my every day. i have no idea what He has for me this summer, what is waiting for me in Guatemala, but i can’t wait to walk through it. 

Lastly, i am asking that you pray for all the people that we will meet, all the ministry we will do, and all the places we will go. May every second we spend in Guatemala be soaked with who Christ is. 

Once again, thank you for your prayers and your desire to keep up with my summer. i am more thankful for you than you know. i can’t wait until i have stories to share with you all about The Father’s work in Guatemala! 

Stay wonderful.



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