Our God is Able. // An Urgent Need for Prayer


i am sorry for the lack of updates. Life has been crazy (in a good way) and in challenging myself to “be here” my time on wifi has been limited.

However, this is not about me. This is a post pleading with you to join me in prayer for my friends here in Puerto Barrios.

The sweet boys in the picture at the bottom of the page are brothers. Their names are Daniel (left) and Emerson (right). They love to laugh and take selfies and smile and play. They both will capture your heart the minute you lay eyes on them. They live in the Puerto Barrios dump, amongst the dogs and the trash and the filth. Yet, you would not not know that if you met them. The joy that radiates from their little bodies and huge smiles is so much louder than the trash. These sweet brothers are a little piece of sunshine in the midst of a dark, broken place.

Though they come from a different country, culture, and they speak a different language than most little boys we know, they are not that different. Though they live in trash, their house is made of cardboard, and they are dirty, they are not that different from you and me. Like any freshly bathed kid, they get hurt. Like any little boy with a million toys, they need to be loved and cared for. Like any blond hair, blue eye child, they are loved by Our Maker and He is going to move in their lives.

Daniel is about a year and a half old and Emerson is three. As i type this, Emerson is in intensive care and their mother is scrambling to get Daniel papers so that he may also be admitted to the hospital.

This afternoon (mind you I’m typing this on Tuesday night) the boys were playing with an aerosol can next to a fire and it exploded in their sweet, precious faces. I do not have many details, I just know it is bad. Emerson’s burns are worse than Daniel’s, but they are both in need of medical care. It is a blessing that Emerson was able to be admitted to the ICU. I am thankful that The Father was in the details of Emerson’s story, even in the midst of tragedy, that he has the needed papers to be admitted.

So family, join me in praying for a miracle. Pray that the boys’ mother can get the needed papers to get Daniel into the hospital. Pray for their mother as she is without a husband or any sort of financial help in this situation. Pray for the boys, as they are in pain beyond anything they’ve experienced. Pray for their little hearts, as they are scared and in the middle of the unknown. Pray for all of us who know and love them, that we may completely and totally trust The Father and that He may envelop us in His peace.

As Our God conquered our sin, as He conquered death itself- He can conquer the boys’ burns. He is the ultimate physician. He is the ultimate comforter. With Him, all things are possible (Matthew 19:26). He can heal these sweet boys and He will because He loves them. He is able. He is greater and stronger than even the worst burns. He is not a God of half hearted blessings. He is a God who has overcome the world. He will over come these burns and the “impossibilities” of this situation.

Please, pray.

i will keep the updates coming as i am able to. Thank you in advance for you interceding on behalf of these sweet babes.

in Christ alone,



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